Educating you on Business and Entrepreneurship is what Bee Influenced is all about

What is
"Bee Influenced" 

Bee Influenced is a resource run by me, Matthew Ankerstein, to help educate you at running a business through entrepreneurs who are successful in their related industry. 

My goal is to provide a high level quality of education through entrepeneurs who have experience and knowledge in creating a business.

My theory is simple.

As long as you can learn ONE thing from somebody, it puts you in a better position to succeed.

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Who is Matthew Ankerstein? 

There has always been a constant fascination for business.

 I remember as a young child, my father would be doing the book work for his farm and I was always intrigued at what exactly he was doing. I learned alot from my fathers influence and that curiousity helped drive me to pursue a post secondary education. After high-school I worked for a year to help fund my enrollment in the bachelors of business administration program at Nothern Alberta Institute of Technology.

With a thirst of knowledge I began investing time into the technology startup scene in Edmonton. I got the opportunity to meet a whole range of different entrepreneurs and business owners, that I could learn from regarding their stories to success. This is where the inspiration for Bee Influenced was born.


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matthew's interests


I played minor hockey growing up.

Today i  play rec league today, along with coaching and running a pond hockey association 

Volunteering at Calmar Pond Hockey

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Matt's favourite

Tv show - The Office 

Book - The millionaire fastlane 

Food - Chicken

Become a Life Long Learner 

One of the key discoveries I have made through my  life is about having an open mind to new learning lessons. If you aren't willing to open your mind to new possbilities and oppurtunities you will stagnate and never become the best version of yourself.

My biggest fear is the idea that I stagnate and never get to see my true potential. I fear this so heavily because I have seen the direct life-long consequences that happen if you are unable to break through your success barriers. This is the reason, I read the books I do. It is the reason why I listen and watch specific podcasts and YouTube videos that I do. Because I am always learning some thing new, I constantly experiment. Currently learning and teaching myself how to speak a second language (spanish). Attending meetup events in the technology scene in the local area while learning computer programming on the brief side helps build an skills tobetter understand those businesses. 

I am a life long learner and that will never change. Like Warren Buffett and Dr. Seuss say: 

Favourite Quotes 

The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.
- Dr.Seuss 

The more you learn, the more you'll earn.
- Warren Buffett 



             What I love about Matt are his honed critical thinking skills, strong intrinsic motivation and work ethic, and his never-ending passion to succeed. Matthew is a great communicator with an entrepreneurial mindset that is always hunting and executing in new opportunities. He is an up-and-coming business leader, that's for sure, and I'm proud to be called a friend.
- John Perozok

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