Who is Mike Andes?

Mike Andes and the Business Bootcamp podcast

Picture of Mike Andes

You have probably heard of the Business Bootcamp Podcast. Here is the man behind the scenes!

Mike Andes is a young entrepreneur that was born in 1995 and started college when he was 13.

Yes, you read that right….. 13!

Mike wanted to get into the world of medicine and when he finally realized that most of doctors time was behind desks filling out reports for insurance companies, it discouraged him to move forward in his medical career. He wanted to help people and their health, and not fill out papers 80% of the time.

To help pay his way through college Mike started pushing a lawn mower around and cutting people’s lawns. He started his venture Augusta Lawn Care Services while in college and has grown it to become madly successful!

Augusta Lawn Care Services

Augusta lawn care services provides many different services such as mowing lawns, hydroseeding, tree trimming, pruning, and any thing landscaping related!

Before I went to college I worked at a landscaping company doing very similar projects to what Augusta provides. We built retaining walls, planted trees, built fences and much more!

I remember on one job in particular at a lake lot, we laid over 10,000 paving stones for a customer’s front garage entrance!

That’s a lot of brick!  

It was a lot of hard work, but once you see what a project first starts out at and then what you make it to be, you feel truly proud of the service you provide! Landscaping is a lot of hard work, and Augusta works incredibly hard so you feel proud of what your lawn can become. 

Business Bootcamp Podcast Mike Andes landscaping work

Picture of Augusta’s work from before the work was started and after

Business Bootcamp Podcast

To help other entrepreneurs get started and build their businesses, Mike Andes started the business bootcamp podcast! The Business Bootcamp Podcast talks about fundamentals you need to remember when building out your business. On the podcast he answers any questions or concerns regarding how to build your business most effectively while providing great marketing and sales tips!

You can listen to the Business Bootcamp Podcast on iTunes located HERE:

Millennial Millionaire Book

Mike has been giving advice out to many millennials regarding how they get started in their entrepreneurship journeys. He decided to write a book to provide a roadmap of opportunities.

Yes, he started college when he was 13… built a landscaping business, wrote a book and has built a huge fan base with the business bootcamp podcast.

Is there any thing he hasn’t done?

In the book he covers whether or not you should think about going to college. Providing a roadmap of which business to get started in and helping you look at your finances including your home to become financially independent.

The best part is, you can get the book for free! Collect your free version of the “Millennial millionaire: The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide To Breaking Out Of the Middle Class”, available HERE

Contact Mike Andes

If you want to get ahold of Mike Andes and ask him any questions regarding landscaping and lawn care services you can email him at: businessbootcamppodcast@gmail.com He will be glad to answer any questions regarding his book or any other concern you might have for him.

Thank you to Mike Andes for coming on the podcast, it’s been a great pleasure!

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