In this blog post, I will talk about a recent interview that I conducted on the Bee Influenced podcast, with Henok Kassaye. The major theme we talk about throughout the podcast is regards to his experience in door to door sales and the way it shapes you.

When you listen to the podcast, you can hear the level of enthusiasm and passion that Henok has for his businesses. This passion and no excuses mentality is arguably what helps him maximize every single day to the fullest potential.

This kind of mentality was placed in Henok’s mind at a very young age, as his father went through some major struggles.

“He actually had a business in Ethiopia, until they chased him out of the country with a shotgun… He had a little cotton factory in his early 20’s and the [government] turned fascist in the 70’s, early 70’s…. His dream was to be in business… Gets pushed out. ”

Learning from his Dad and the experiences he had to go through, is one of Henok’s biggest inspirations. Considering years later, his dad went back to restart and rebuilt his dream which was to be in business. This is really where it all started for Henok.

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Hustle for ever

Henok’s hustle is insane.

When kids want to make money, they might do chores around the house. Kids might even build a lemonade stand if they are creative or take the bottles in. In the case of Henok his hustle started very young!

“I had paper routes in grade 6, I think I hired every friend or family member at one point… I’ve always worked since I was In grade 5”

Okay, what were you doing in grade 6? I bet it wasn’t hiring friends and family to deliver paper routes.  So of course, I had to ask, “were you making like mad cash?”

Henok replied “Dude I was making $1000 a week! Ya! My dad made me pay him half”

Absolutely insane!

This kind of hustle continued later in school as he moved into hosting hall parties. As he grew older and time for college came he bought into a bar business while in school! After taking some time at Grant Macewan with his favourite courses being in economics, psychology, and philosophy, Henok got into the alarm business in sales.

Sales tips how to overcome objections

The major theme that we talk early in the podcast, is how to overcome objections dealing with self-concept. Self concept is the beliefs we hold towards ourselves based on what we believe or what others believe.

Door to door sales can be a very difficult gig. However, sales is one thing that Henok believes you don’t need formal training to be great at.

To become great at sales, you need to be able to handle a little bit of pain. Door to door salesman will typically get rejected many times throughout the day. Henok says.

Hearing “hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of ‘no’s’ in one day, emotionally it breaks you down. It’s not you were good or bad at sales it’s the fact that you get beaten down emotionally. So you start questioning who you are, what your doing, your background.  You start freaking out. It’s less about learning sales its more about learning your self in the beginning.”

That’s a pretty good sales tip, and teaches you exactly how to overcome objections. It starts with you and what you believe of yourself, and what you allow to become true. You must believe in yourself, and not allow self-doubt to creep in. To be good at sales according to Henok “put two feet in the water.”

Be willing to commit to yourself, and what you wish to accomplish!

This is the major shift, that Henok focuses on when doing door to door sales training.

Ventures out

With the hustle never stopping and sales being a function of every business. Henok began venturing out, buying into a flooring business called ‘Wetaskwin Carpet Centre’. Getting involved with bars in Mexico, and finally buying into the Anytime Fitness Franchise business.

As we discovered about his past, and what he is currently in. I wanted to discover regarding his future, asking “where would you want to be in 10 years”. He replied talking about doing more business internationally. Though he loves Edmonton, he would like to potentially get involved in places like East Africa, the Middle East, or even Mexico.

Door to door sales material

If you haven’t yet, be sure to listen to the podcast. As we talked about different business related books, regarding investing and sales.

If you want to learn sales, the recommended book of choice is “The art of closing the sale” -Brian Tracy.

Or if you are an investor, “The intelligent investor” by Benjamin Graham.

Closing the Door

This kind door to door sales experience has shaped Henok. It has taught him a lot about himself, the level of determination it takes to win, and much more.

If you want to discover more about yourself and go through these kinds of experiences as arguably it was the best thing he did for himself, put some pressure on yourself and see what happens!

I would like to personally thank Henok for coming on the podcast!

If you wish to get in contact with Henok regarding any of the businesses and ventures he is in, he would be glad to hear from you.

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His Instagram account is @Henokicillan

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