When first starting a business it can be extremely stressful. It can be even more stressful when you’re working a full-time job on top of it all. For the next guest on the Bee Influenced Podcast, the major theme we discuss is entrepreneur support.

Shawn Kerile

Shawn is a Calgary entrepreneur starting a business in the clothing industry. Growing up as a kid, this is the one industry Shawn would never have expected to get in. Starting this clothing business has not been easy for Shawn as he has been working a full-time job as well. Working as a motor scrapper during the day for 12+ hours and then building a clothing business has been difficult to manage time.

Entrepreneur Support Talks w/ Sixteen Supply Co Owner

Sixteen Supply Clothing

Sixteenth Supply Co

Shawn is the founder of the Calgary based clothing company Sixteenth Supply. The brand is for people who are involved in athletics and arts who have unique personalities focused on being ambitious. Helping people live confident and healthy lives that allow them to showcase their personality through their clothing!

Entrepreneur Support Groups

Starting a business is extremely stressful. You can imagine the kind of stress Shawn must have been going through trying to full-fill customer orders, managing inventory, coming up with new designs and everything else along with working 12+ hour days operating a scrapper. Having this kind of life is not for everyone. But for the people who want to have more in their lives, and want to build a legacy and wealth for themselves, the challenge is embraced.

Everybody embraces challenges differently, and everybody has their way of dealing with tough times. Some people talk with friends & family, some a psychologist, or some even attend entrepreneur groups. The biggest thing is to be getting support when we need it the most. Negativity and criticism is not something we ever want from those people who we love the most in our lives. But sometimes it’s hard to get the right kind of support back. A major lesson Shawn and I discuss is the importance of talking with your support group and setting expectations for the kind of support needed. Let those people who you love the most know what kind of support you need. Say to them ” you can help me by always being there and listening when I need it the most.” Or “I appreciate it when I come to you for help, you hear what I have to say and not being distracted by your cell phone and take things seriously.”

Having these conversations especially with family is very difficult to have, but are necessary according to Shawn. Listen to the full podcast for more details regarding entrepreneur support!

Three Tips When Starting A Business

You guys know the ritual by now. With every guest who comes onto the podcast, we like to ask the question regarding starting a business. That question being, “if you had to give someone three tips when starting a business, what would you say to them?” Shawn answered:

  1. For the first six months, even if you have money, don’t spend any. When you start a business with no money you become more creative with how you spend. You learn all these different skills to help you save the dollar like dealing with trademarking, logo design, website designs. When you find ways to get things done, you can save your self-thousands of dollars while at the same time build connections that can help jumpstart your business!
  2. Learn how to separate your business and your personal life.
  3. Try not to take peoples opinion to heart. People may not agree with what you’re doing, but take it with a grain of salt and stay focused towards your goals.

That’s some pretty excellent advice, especially starting a business with no money. Having a little determination will go a long way in saving you money in your business ventures.

Contact Shawn Keirle

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and would like to get started in the clothing industry, Shawn will help answer any questions or concerns you might have. You can contact him on his Facebook, or you can reach out through the company website. Also if you are an athlete who is looking for a brand partnership Sixteenth Supply Co is an option for you! Contact Shawn regarding any business inquiries!