Soon the New Year will be here, which means a fresh a new start for many of you. A New Year coming in is a good because 2017 for many people was a complete mess. Before we flip over the calendar to the new year, you’re probably goal setting. In episode 30 of the Bee Influenced Podcast, I dive into setting goals for the New Year and the most important thing to consider when goal setting.

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Reflect on 2017

Before you set goals for 2018, it’s important to reflect on the past year. You will never know what to change until you discover a problem or identify a need for change. Therefore it’s important to reflect on the past year and understand what happened. Read over the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2017 and ask yourself did you accomplish what you wanted?

In case you don’t remember, I published a blog providing a framework to help you achieve your goals in 2017. No matter what year it is, this context will always be relevant. Discover how to set and achieve your goals for 2018.

If you did not accomplish those goals in 2017, reflect on why. Look back at that period when your goal was supposed to be complete and examine your behavior. Were you working towards your goal during that time or were you just romanticizing about completing goals? Did your behavior match your desire to accomplish your goals?

Don’t be afraid to dive deep into this.

There is a reason why you did not complete your goals. It’s your job to get to the root problem and ask “why” to any reason that prevented you from achievement.

If your behavior does not match your desire to accomplish your goal, ask why? Is it because you learned that behavior from someone else? Have you developed the wrong habits over time and it’s hard to change those habits? Are you afraid to try new things? Ask “why” to these types of questions and continue to dive deeper.

“We can not solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”
– Albert Einstein

Accountability and Vulnerability

When you are reviewing your goals, you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Sometimes humans will justify their goals and lie to themselves for why it’s not happening. Therefore you have to be a little vulnerable and take accountability towards your behavior.

Don’t lie to yourself, if you didn’t complete your goals acknowledge that. If you’re going through enough pain and frustration that you underachieved on your goals, take accountability make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s why I stress the importance of discovering why you underachieved. Take control of why you underachieved and be accountable towards your future self.

Say to yourself “I am not going to let myself down.”

Your Goal Setting in 2018

Thank you for listening to Bee Influenced 30 on Goal Setting for the New year. Please share what your goals are for 2018 and what you will do to complete those goals in the comments section below.

Happy New Year