One thing I love doing the Bee Influenced Podcast is getting the opportunity to ask high-performance individuals questions. I get to uncover their daily lives, their habits, strengths, weaknesses, critical success factors in their businesses and much more! That’s why I love the episode with Ryan Laniuk from Coach Em’ to Keep em, who has worked with high-performance individuals such as Steve Siebold! In that podcast episode, we talked about how to become a high-performance individual. Doing this line of work has been a lot of fun, and today there is an app that can help you get in contact with influencers and other people you have difficulty getting access to! In this episode (28) we talk about getting paid to ask questions on the Campfire App with Christos Shepherd!

Christos Shepherd

Christos Shepherd is the Co-founder of the new app Campfire. His background is in flight aviation, having started an airline in Greece. After starting his carrier, he went on to help others in the airline industry in different parts of Sub Saharan Africa in places like Nigeria and Ghana and many other places. He then transitioned to become a Project Manager & the Chief Investment Associate at Jet Blue, which is the sixth largest airline in the United States.

Recently, Christos has transitioned out of the airline industry and created a mobile app called Campfire!

Getting Paid to Ask Questions – Campfire App

Campfire is an iOS app where you ask questions to people who you love and care about, but you don’t have access to. You can ask questions to experts, politicians, celebrities, social media influencers, podcasters and anybody you follow. Those people can then respond to your questions with a personalized audio message sent directly to your phone. What makes campfire unique, is if you ask somebody a popular question, meaning a question that other people want to listen to, you the individual who requested it; make money. There is an incentive to ask questions, which is transformational compared to traditional social media.

When you earn money on the Campfire App, you have the availability to donate a percentage or all of your earnings to a charity of your choice! You have the power to earn money now, help charities all while asking questions to the people you love and care about using the platform.

To my knowledge, there has never been a social media platform that incentives users to ask questions while adding a social responsibility component to it!

Download campfire and become involved with the growing community! Download the campfire app to ask me or Christos Shepherd any questions you may have!

Three Tips When Starting a Business

When asked “What are three tips or advice would you give someone who is starting a business today,” Christos said:

  1. The people you bring into your business are the most important thing. Therefore, go out and find the right people. Recruit the people who have skills and knowledge in areas you don’t have strengths in.
  2. If you are looking to raise money for a venture, create a Minimal Value Product (MVP). When you’re looking to raise money, investors are looking for people and businesses that have MVPs. The value is in the execution, as investors are looking for people and companies that have a product or service that can grow over time. Therefore, nobody will fund your idea, and you have to create a pilot for investors to take you seriously. Have an idea, build an MVP, test your prototype with customers, tweak it and then you can deliver it to investors who may potentially buy in.
  3. Always try to put yourself in situations where you are more than likely to become successful. Get out and network with others and discover areas where you are more likely to become successful. Things won’t just naturally come to you; therefore you have to go out and explore.

Wow! Great advice, especially dealing with the MVP. It’s imperative for any entrepreneur, especially someone who needs funding to have an MVP when speaking to investors! Understand your potential investors interests, and cater your pitch in a way that aligns with them.

Understand the frame in which investors are approaching deals and understand what you can do to have a give you a better chance of receiving an investment.

Contact Christos Shepherd

If you want to get ahold of Christos, the best way to do so is through his app Campfire. Download campfire through the iOS app store! Remember any popular question you ask has the opportunity to earn you money!