I am a strong believer in the idea, that everyone should do some volunteering at one point of time in their lives.

Entrepreneurs Should Do Volunteering

Last week, I published an article talking about the value behind learning a secondary language. You can find that article HERE.

Volunteering is another great way to separate yourself from your peers.

When you are an entrepreneur, volunteering your time and giving back to your community is extremely valuable. If you don’t want to be an entrepreneur and want a job, volunteering is a great asset to have on your resume to separate yourself and give you better chances of obtaining the dream job.  

In today’s post, I will talk about the importance of volunteering if you are a student and want to become an entrepreneur.

My Volunteering Experience

I am a proud volunteer at Calmar Pond Hockey Association. Calmar Pond Hockey, runs on-ice hockey sessions on monday nights for kids between the ages of 5-14. At pond hockey we work on skills & development, leadership, and play games.

For the past 4 years, I have been a coach, board of director, and now the president of the organization.

I remember when I first started at the organization, we had roughly 20 kids on the ice. Today we have doubled in size, and are expanding rapidly, with a waiting list of eager kids wanting to get on the ice and play.

The cool thing about volunteering in a sports organization for 4 years, is seeing the progress and development in the players that you coach. Being able to see the kids shoot better, pass the puck more accurately, and play more structured, is something to feel very proud about.

The best thing about volunteering is seeing an impact on others lives.

Whether it’s coaching ice hockey, serving soup to the homeless, whatever the case may be, seeing you make an impact on one’s life is a great feeling.

The first benefit about helping others, is it feels good.

Volunteering can help build connections

Students starting off in their careers who don’t have a lot of money to start a business immediately, building connections is incredibly important.

How volunteering got me a job

After graduating highschool, I worked for a landscaping company during the summer. Shortly after working there for the summer and being let go come winter, I had to find a new job. I took some time for myself and did some reflection, but shortly after decided to get my feet back on the ground.

Volunteering at Calmar Pond Hockey Association, opened up doors to my next job.

I was looking for a job, and discovered the treasurer at the hockey organization was employed by the company I was looking to get a job at.

So I called him up, asked if I could come help out with pond hockey and help the kids on the ice. Funny enough, the one child we had playing for us on the ice that year, his father was the production manager at the same organization I was looking to get a job at.

While on ice, helping out the kids, I was able to talk with the production manager and find out if they were hiring, and what it would be like working for the organization.

The next day, he put a good word into human resources, which led to me getting a call for an interview.

That interview got me a job, and my time spent at that company helped set course to the rest of my career.

In the 4 years being at the pond hockey association, I have been a coach, board of director, and for the past year the president helping both on and off the ice. Getting to meet some amazing hard working parents that are key employees within organizations and in some instances entrepreneurs operating their own businesses.

Volunteering can help you get a job when needed.

If other people involved in the volunteering aren’t hiring, they probably know someone who is.

Entrepreneurs can build connections volunteering

It can help you build connections to future potential customers.

It can help you build connections to potential employees.

It can help you build connections to suppliers.

Whatever the case is, volunteering can open up doors of opportunity to yourself.

When you volunteer, you never know who you might meet. All you have to do is meet one person and they can help open up doors of opportunity.

When you do volunteering, you more than likely aren’t doing it for the sole benefit of network building.

You are doing it for the good and faint of heart.

Being able to build connections while helping others, is just an added benefit.

I am curious to know about you

Leave a comment in the section below where you have volunteered in the past, if and where you currently volunteer now, and finally where you might want to volunteer in the future.

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