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There is a precious moment in one’s life when a side hustle starts producing more income than the regular 9-5 job. There is an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you’re able to quit your job and focus solely on your business venture. Charles Marois is the next guest on the Bee Influenced podcast and is an excellent example of that story.

Charles Marois

Before starting his own business, Charles was working 7-days a week selling cars. Selling cars can be a tough gig because it requires a lot of your time and attention to be working alongside your potential customer’s schedules. It wasn’t until a client of his came into the dealership telling Charles about a unique opportunity and decided to inquire more. The client showed Charles about his Amazon FBA business, and how he was making side income selling products on Amazon. The dealership was requiring a lot of time, and Charles wanted to be able to have more freedom in his life, so he started his own Amazon FBA Business.

Charles Marois Amazon FBA seller trip to Asia

Charles Marois on trip to Asia


What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA ) is a network where you can start selling on Amazon quickly. You create your product lines, send those products to Amazon’s warehouses, where they will hold your inventory, and when some one makes a purchase, Amazon will manage that sale along with handle the logistics of shipping your product. In short, Amazon handles the inventory, customer service, and logistics aspects of your business so you can focus on what is important.

Charles Marois Amazon

Charles started his own Amazon FBA while he was working at the car dealership. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you it takes time for you to grow your business. It takes a lot of time to get started, getting setup, and then time for your business to become consistent in sales. Selling cars helped Charles to invest money into his Amazon business while at the same time provide a living. He started his Amazon FBA business in July 2015, and it wasn’t until March 2016 where he was able to quit his day job as Charles was able to pay himself more money than he was making at the car dealership!

What an incredible work ethic! Make sure you listen to the full podcast!

3 Tips When Starting A Business

Every successful entrepreneur who comes onto the podcast, I always like to ask them the same question being; “if you could give some one three tips when starting a business what would you say?” Charles Marois gave some advice regarding his Amazon FBA experience being:

1. Minimize risk by researching products with proven sales demand. Then discover ways to make your product or brand better than your competitors.

2. When searching for products, it can become very mentally straining. Charles recommends not to quit and keep searching for the right product.

3. Reinvest 100% of your profits as long as you can as it can help you continue to grow your business.

Woah! That’s some pretty strong advice and valuable lessons of becoming patient with the process. Becoming patient and trusting the process was some thing we examined a couple of weeks back with John Sonmez from Simple Programmer.

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What an amazing story and inspiration to all the side hustle entrepreneurs out there. Make sure you listen to the full podcast to discover more about Charles and his complete journey!

Thank You to Charles for coming on the podcast, as this episode has been incredibly inspirational.

If you want to get ahold of Charles with any questions or concerns regarding Amazon FBA, you can reach him through his YouTube Channel.