What Its Like On Dragons Den W/ Joshua Turner

Shark Tank is the most watched television show on Friday nights. With Sharks such as Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’ Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Ashton Kutcher, Nick Woodman, Alex Rodriguez, and Richard Branson. It’s many entrepreneurs dreams to go on a show like Shark Tank and receive a deal. However, on the other side of the border, they don’t have sharks but instead dragons. Dragons Den is the popular Canadian TV show is heading into its 13th season! Season 13 features Dragons, Jim Treliving, Manjit Minhas, Michael Wekerle, Joe Mimran, Arlene Dickinson and Michele Romanow.

In episode 32 of the Bee Influenced podcast, we take you behind the scenes of being on Dragons Den with Josh Turner.

Joshua Turner

When Josh Turner appeared on Dragons Den, he was pitching his business Whiz Bang Advertising. His idea was to provide urinal advertising in men’s bathrooms for corporations. You can check out Josh’s pitch from Dragons Den below.

After being on Dragons Den years later, Josh has shifted his focus from Whiz Band Advertising to starting a business called JT’s Tasty Treats. JT’s offers an old-fashioned, classy, tailor-made Candy service to suit to whatever occasion you require. Josh has started delivering ice cream by bike similar to what Dickie Dee used to provide many children around the suburbs. Selling Rocket Pops, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Drumsticks, and Cyclones are some of the treats he delivers on a bike.

Learn more about Joshua Turner’s experience on Dragons Den and his evolution as an entrepreneur by listening to the full podcast! You can check out his pitch by clicking the video below. (Please full screen it)

Dragons Den Cast – Season 6

The cast of Dragons Den has changed over the years. Many famous Dragons and have and gone such as Kevin O’ Leary, Brett Wilson and Bruce Croxon. When Joshua Turner aired on Dragons Den 6, he pitched Whiz Bang Advertising to the following Dragons.

Jim Treliving

Josh pitched Whiz Bang Advertising in front of Jim Treliving, who was a former Royal Canadian Mountain Police that founded the popular franchise restaurant, Boston Pizza.

Kevin O’ Leary

Season 6 of Dragons Den featured Kevin O’ Leary or Mr. Wonderful. Kevin O’ Leary can also be found on the hit television show, Shark Tank. Kevin is best known for starting and selling his business, The Learning Company to Mattel. He was the man who was behind the popular children’s educational software, Reader Rabbit. Kevin O Leary’ is also the author of the popular business books, Cold Hard Truth.

Arlene Dickinson

Arlene is a Canadian businesswoman, who is the CEO of Venture Communications. She is a marketing mogul along as an investor and author. Some of the funniest memories on Dragons Den was the relationship between Kevin and Arlene. The two would at times get into arguments and have heated discussions related to entrepreneurs businesses. It always made great television, and when Joshua turned came on the Den in season 6, it was funny to see all the Dragons reactions.

Robert Herjavec

After being on Dragons Den for six seasons, Robert won three Gemini Awards for Outstanding Reality T.V in Canada. The 55-year-old businessman, investor, has also appeared on Shark Tank along with Dancing with the stars.

Bruce Croxon

Before the days of social media and Tinder, Bruce Croxon made his mark on the world finding the popular dating service, Lavalife in 1988. Bruce helped grow that startup to over 2,000,000 users and sold it for $180 million. The Canadian businessman appeared on Dragons Den for three years and invested in a range of businesses. Bruce is also one of the hosts of the popular Business News Network’s The Disruptors.

What Joshua Turner Learned From Being on Dragons Den

After appearing on Season 6 of Dragons Den, Joshua Turner pursued Whiz Bang Advertising for a short while. Even though Josh did not receive a deal on Dragons Den, he learned a lot going through that experience. The most significant thing Josh learned from being on the Den was the self-confidence and belief he could do anything he wanted, based on the level of dedication and progress that went into building a business four weeks before recording for television. Similar to what Hamilton Perkins learned about himself when building his handbag collection.  Joshua learned there is nothing to be afraid of, and there is no reason to be fearful of other opinions.

To discover more about what Joshua Turner and what he learned from Dragons Den, listen to the full podcast.

3 Tips When Starting a Business

When asked to give, three tips for a new entrepreneur to start a business, Joshua Turner who aired on Season 6 of Dragons Den answered.

  1. Do something tangible every single day
  2.  Don’t be afraid
  3.  Don’t listen to haters

Great advice, short – sweet and straight to the point.

212 The Extra Degree

In the podcast, I talked with Joshua Turner about a book that changed my life. The book 212 The Extra Degree: Extraordinary Results Begin With One Small Change is one of my favorite short reads that motivates you to change your thinking and work incredibly hard. The theme of the podcast is that 212 Degrees is the point of difference, where water becomes steam, and that’s when everything changes. The book uses an analogy to reflect the definition of excellence with this concept of 212 Degrees. Check out 212 The Extra Degree on Amazon HERE.