Edmonton Photographer & Entrepreneur Darion Getzinger

Today marks the day for the final guest in our mini-series “Classroom to Boardroom”. In the last interview of our mini-series, we will be talking with Darion Katherine. This mini-series has featured two Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) students who have gone from the classroom to the boardroom, building a business while in school or immediately after they left.

In the first episode, we talked with former NAIT Students Association (NAITSA) President Justin Nand. Justin discussed how getting involved around campus transferred into his ability of operating a family business while in school.

In the second episode, we talked with Raymond Saw, who started an Amazon FBA business in his last semester. Raymond and I discussed the importance of managing time as a student while building a business. We also reviewed the importance of starting lean in business, especially for students who lack financial resources to jump-start the business.  How you spend your resources was the theme in the episode.

In this episode, we talked with Darion Getzinger.

Darion Getzinger Photography

Darion is a local Edmonton based photographer & NAIT graduate from the BBA- Human Resources program in 2016. Providing photography services for weddings, family portraits, anniversaries or any special milestone you want to document. She understands the importance of building a strong rapport with clients and providing a service to be proud.

Darion Getzinger captures a special moment between two people

A moment of love captured by Darion Getzinger

Optimizing Social Media

One of the things I love about Darion is how well she is optimizing her social media presence. She is regularly sharing her experiences working alongside clients, and all the amazing photographs she takes on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media has been a major driver for her business. Since Darion optimizes her Facebook and Instagram so well, she receives daily inquiries regarding her services! A lot of it because of her sharing her experiences with clients, showcasing her work, or anything she does on a daily basis. She is very conscious about what is she posting working hard to engage with her following!

NAIT offers a social media marketing class that will teach you blogging and other media, but Darion received a lot of value from another class in particular.

Best Class Ever- Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

One class NAIT offers is called negotiation & conflict resolution. (One of my favorite classes while at school) Understanding people and their behaviors and why they do things a particular way is at the core of the course. This class, in particular, has helped Darion a tremendous amount with her client relations. She has a better understanding of people and can serve clients needs more effectively now, as she understands the psychology of individuals on a deeper level.

For more advice regarding courses at NAIT, be sure to listen to the full podcast!

3 Tips When Starting a Business

With every guest that comes onto the podcast, I always like to ask the same question to learn their perspectives. Being this is our last installment in the mini-series class-room to board-room, I wanted Darion to direct her advice for all the students’ listeners out there. The question being “if you had to give someone three tips or advice when starting a business, what would say to them”? Darion Answered:

  1.  You just got to do it. When you are starting, have an understanding of what you want to do, and then use your business as a vehicle to help you do that. When you commit to something, have a timeline. Have a timeline that says, if your business doesn’t work out as planned by a certain date, have a contingency plan in place
  2. If you are looking to start a business, there has never been a better time to start. At the same time, there will never be the right time to start.
  3. Find something you love doing. Find mentors, people who are doing what you want to be doing, and learn from them.

Contact Darion Getzinger

If you are looking to get some pictures done for your wedding, or with your special someone, contact Darion through her website. I would also recommend you follow her on Facebook & Instagram to discover more about the amazing work she does provide!