A First 20 Episode Thank You Recap

Every week we bring you a successful entrepreneur, business expert, and social influencer to discuss their stories. We discuss their stories about what it took to become successful and understand the process. Being this is episode 20 of the podcast, I felt we should do it a little different.

In episode 20 I wanted to say “Thank-You.”

Thank You

“Thank You” to all the fans and everyone who has been involved with the show. Creating these podcasts is a lot of work and time.

I especially want to say “Thank You” to all the guests who have come onto the first 20 episodes. Your time, energy and love have been greatly appreciated.

My theory

Before I began this podcasting journey, my theory has been straightforward. If you can take the golden nuggets out of successful entrepreneurs, business experts and social influencers, conversations you set yourself up for success. If you can learn from their journies and use those tips and strategies for your own business and life, you set yourself up for success.

In case you haven’t realized in every podcast episode, I always ask the question, “If you had to give some one three tips and strategies when starting a business today, what would you tell them.”
As human beings, we give advice based on our experiences. Whether the experience is good or bad, humans give advice based on that experience.

In episode 20 of the Bee Influenced podcast, I replay what those tips and strategies every guest has said.

Here is a list of all the guests featured in episode 20 that answered that core question or guests question on the show.

The Guests

Thank You to everyone involved with the show! Please leave a comment below about what tip or strategy you will adopt in your life to become more successful!