Hamilton Perkins – One Bottle at a Time

As I write this blog post, I am drinking a bottle of water. In fact, with the hot summer heat, I have been drinking a lot of bottled water. Did you know every single year Americans use about 50 BILLION plastic water bottles? That’s a lot of plastic! The next guest on the Bee Influenced podcast saw there was a real problem and decided to do some thing about it. His name is Hamilton Perkins, and he plans on changing the world one bottle at a time.

Hamilton Perkins

Hamilton received his marketing undergraduate degree assuming after school he would advance in the consulting world eventually becoming an agency owner. After school, he did some independent marketing consulting in the Boston, Washington D.C area. Transitioning into the finance world, taking a job at the Bank of America. Working at The Bank of America, Hamilton Perkins focused on commercial banking and investment. Working at the bank, he decided to go back to school pursuing an MBA. It wasn’t until he was back in school part time, is where the lightbulb went off for the Hamilton Perkins Collection.

Hamiltons Self Awareness & Self Deception

It took some time for Hamilton to dive into the process and start building his business. He had to dig deep and learn more about himself through self-auditing and becoming self-aware. He decided to interview friends and family to discover their thoughts about him. Friends and relatives saw him as the type of person that would not let any one down. He realized at that moment he had to be okay with the outcome, and be okay with not living with regret. The last person to convince was himself.

Becoming self-aware and trusting yourself with the process is what we discussed with John Sonmez from Simple Programmer. 

Hamilton Perkins Collection Bag

Hamilton produces high-quality bags sourced from recycled plastic and recycled billboard vinyl. Every bag created is different and unique. The bags range in colors on the inside and out. Hamilton Perkins sources materials from all over the world, primarily Haiti.

As you can see by the picture, Hamilton Perkins Bags are very stylish and perfect for travel. The bags are fantastic for going to the gym, carrying work documents and much more!

It’s truly inspirational knowing the bag is produced of recycled plastic and billboard vinyl.

Hamilton Perkins Collection Bag

Welcome to the Hamilton Perkins Collection

3 Tips When Starting a Business

Every time a guest comes onto the podcast, we always like to ask the question to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Asking if you could give some one three tips when starting a business, what would you say. Hamilton Perkins answered.

1. Be patient. Things take time, and things don’t happen over night.
2. Be thankful for what you have.
3. If you work hard and smart, good things will come.

Contact Hamilton Perkins

If you want to get ahold of Hamilton Perkins and discover more about their collection of bags you can check them out on their website. If you want to save $10 on your next bag purchase, use the coupon code ‘Bee Influenced.’

Thanks to Hamilton for coming on the podcast, and I have officially finished my drink. Gotta run, time to take the bottles in so Hamilton Perkins can make some designer bags!