The Loss of Innocence In the Edmonton Arts

Loss of Innocence

When we are kids, we are incredibly creative.As we grow older, I believe we as humans lose our creativity that once lived inside us as children. As kids, we used to play in the sandbox make castles, play with toys representing heavy equipment, put a string between two Styrofoam cups and talk with the device. In today’s market, there is an importance of being creative and getting in touch with those qualities we all used to have as a kid!

In a lot of ways, this represents the loss of innocence.

The next guest on the Bee Influenced Podcast is involved in Edmonton Arts community!

Tim Kuefler

Tim is a marketer working at The Brick corporate office managing production, graphic design, asset management and media buying. The Brick is Tim’s day job, but by night he is an entrepreneur and artist. The artistic side of him is scene through his YouTube channel, consisting of interview around artists and pop culture. Tim is a curator of the arts, while also owning a real estate investment business with his family owning rental apartments.


Tim has a YouTube channel/Blog called Timotheories that is focused around his opinions regarding pop culture and arts. It’s a manifesto for Tim explaining why Art is important, a place for creatives to connect with one another and much more! It’s essentially as his tagline describes ‘Digital Curating at Heart.’

A lot of Tim’s content of what he produces is focusing on the concept of the loss of innocence and one’s creativity. Tim encourages every person to always be that kid in the sandbox, and be creative. Don’t let people tell you differently, and stick up for what you believe in.

Compared to the last episode with John Sonmez with Simple Programmer, this interview focuses around the loss of innocence with ones’ self.

3 Tips When Starting A Business

Like every guest we have on the podcast we always ask the same question. If you had to give some one three tips when starting a business, what would you tell them? It was interesting what Tim had to say as his advice was around those ideas.

1. “Do something new you find scary at-least every 30 days.

2. Figure out what you want to accomplish with your business or startup. Then why you want to do it.

3. You need to have fun doing it. ”

These tips are impactful especially tip # 3. I honestly believe you got to love what you do; otherwise, you won’t be willing to put in the extra work to get you the results you desire.

Contact Tim Kuefler

If you want to get involved in Edmonton Arts community and chat with Tim, you can reach out to him via his website at Timotheories. Check out his content, as his handle on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter is @Timotheories.

Don’t lose your innocence and listen to the podcast!