Network Marketing in 2017 w/ Michael Finch

Network Marketing w/Michael Finch

In a recent podcast episode, I got the opportunity to interview a good friend of mine, Michael Finch where we discussed why you should get into network marketing.  

In the podcast, we talked about his journey from being in the U.S Navy to a full-time entrepreneur.

Finch and I talked about his journey from Navy veteran to becoming involved in a network marketing company. He also dabbles into some internet marketing with affiliates. In the interview, we also talk about some of the concerns regarding network marketing, for people to become aware of before joining.

One of the great benefits Finch described in the network marketing business is you can take off time whenever you want.

There is no need to get your boss to fill out your applications or request for time. You just get up and go. He gave an example where he was able to take time off from the business to travel across the country to deal with family matters.

Network Marketing Business Provides You Flexibility

As with starting any business, there can be many benefits when starting such as setting your own time schedules, the effort you put in, etc. But in order to get ahead in any business, regardless of the industry, you have to be willing to put time in and go to work.

“You get out what you put into it.”

One issue Michael told me about was that high turnover in networking marketing.

Michael believes that success in this business is not a one size fits all. Rather, it’s about having a variety of tools and being able to find a strategy that will work for you. You have to know yourself, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then build around those. If you can do that, you will have a better chance of succeeding according to Finch. If the person who brought you into the business is telling you to do something that you know won’t bring you success. Don’t do it.

Why you need a coach/mentor

In the network marketing business, it is extremely important to have a coach/mentor. Some one who challenges you to think critically, and encourages you to push your boundaries!

Another great topic Finch and I discussed was the importance of having a coach and mentor. Having a coach and mentor can help provide insight on how you might have become too narrow sighted; that you may miss great opportunities.

During the interview, Finch said, “Everyone needs a coach… even my coach has a coach”.

I believe it’s important to have multiple mentors.  

You should have one mentor that works in the same industry as you. Someone you can talk with regarding the same struggles that you’re both facing and work together to find solutions would be ideal. Then, it’s also important to have people outside of the industry that you can chat with frequently about different ideas, strategies, personal life, etc with. When you’re building a business, sometimes you can become so narrow sighted with your surroundings and your behaviors. Having that mentor outside of that particular industry will allow them to address your behavior and how you might want to change it if needed.

Having a coach/mentor, becoming self-aware, building personal brands, are only some of the things we talk about in the recent addition.  

I think the main lesson that can be learned in this podcast episode is, we all have different paths in our careers. However, some of the lessons we learned in our previous jobs such as the navy or our coaches can help elevate us to the next level!


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If you want to get in contact with Michael and have any questions or concerns regarding coaching programs, network marketing, or anything else we discussed in the podcast, you can do so through his website.