A Passion for Life W/ Blaine Walberg

In Business You Need To Have Passion

I have talked multiple of times how starting a business can be a very daunting task. You have to worry about suppliers, marketing campaigns, finance, your customers and much more other aspects. As an entrepreneur, you need something to keep you going when you have nothing left in the tank. If there is one thing for certain, to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to have passion. 

That motivation can be different for everyone. Some people are motivated by money or fear. In the case of Blaine Walberg, the owner Touchpoint promotions, that motivation was passion. Having the passion for his family and his line of work allowed him to continuously pick up the phone and make sales calls in times of despair.

In the most recent Bee Influenced podcast episode, I got the opportunity to sit down with Blaine and talk about his 30-year journey of being an entrepreneur.

Blaine is the owner of Touchpoint promotions, a brand management company that will help you grow your business and brand. The company will create promotional products such as hats, pens, flashlights, you name it, with your business logo design on them.

In the podcast episode, we talked about the 30-year journey of being an entrepreneur and what he has learned along the way. Sharing stories and strategies has helped him to succeed in his business and life.


Blaine resides in St. Albert after growing up in the Edmonton Area; he attended post secondary school studying business marketing. Blaine also has siblings, one of which also studied at NAIT in the business program and became an accountant.

“Looking back its funny to see how different our choices were back then, and how we both differ. We were both obviously businesses minded, just one was more entrepreneurial than the other. Not that’s a bad thing, just I was wired differently” -Blaine

A frequent discussion around startup communities is the debate whether entrepreneurs are made or are they born. Blaine believed that everyone has gifts, it’s about finding those gifts that each person is born with and leveraging it to find success.

Blaine’s gift was passion and working along with people and being creative.

Success came from curiosity

Multiple different things motivate people. Money, legacy, experiences, whatever the case is there are many motivating factors.

When Blaine was first getting started, I asked him how he kept going even when he felt like throwing in the towel. What was motivation for Blaine was was his family,

“It was the love of my family. I wanted them to have….When ever your in times of despair or struggles…. For me it was really simple, it was the love of my family…Grab for something”

Transitioning into success with his business this always carried through. What helped Blaine was the being suited towards the industry and the creative desire within himself that wants fulfillment.

When talking about the promotional marketing business, there is no room for boredom. There is always something that can be done, and a number of opportunities is endless. When asked if the industry was catered towards his strengths he said:

“This industry was made for me. The Promotional marketing industry,…. I have said multiple of times, verbalized, it was made for me.  It’s like a fish was made for the water”

One of the most creative projects Blaine worked along with was with Safeway where they created a plush bug for Y2K, that would be available in stores.  

“That was fun, the scale and the amount of people it touched and everything”

Touchpoint works along companies from the simple concept to design and creating the customer’s needs.  

Another project Blaine worked on was with Robert Kiyosaki, from Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Hearing about all the different projects Touchpoint promotions was involved in was inspiring.


As we moved forward, we talked about how mentorship helped Blaine. Unfortunately, he never found mentors but ended stumbling upon them as he worked in the industry.

I am a strong believer in having mentors both internally and externally. You need to have mentors in the industry, that you can call up and get advice from. While at the same time stressing the importance of having outside mentors who can provide you with objective feedback and criticism, considering a lot of times as an entrepreneur you can become so focused and lose sight to that around you.

Mentorship, the impact of formal education of postsecondary, different stories are all things that can be found on the recent podcast episode. If you haven’t yet, be sure to listen as it’s truly remarkable.

Listening to individuals such as Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsay, Jim Rogers etc are all people who Blaine follows.

Finally, in the end of the interview, we talk about the three tips that Blaine would give to people starting a business. They were:

  1. Become debt free
  2. Have capital reserves
  3. Have no other options, other than success

In particular with having no other option, Blaine gave some very specific advice to actually apply this!

If you are curious to hear more about Blaine Walberg’s story, and his business Touchpoint Promotions, make sure you listen to the full podcast!

Blaine is a man of great character, and passion. I like to thank him for coming on the podcast and sharing more of his story and what he has learned along the way as an entrepreneur.

If you want to get a hold of Blaine for any promotional marketing merchandise, or have any questions or inquiries you can do so by phone at 780-460-0107. Email at: tppromo@telusplanet.net — Or check out his website here 

Thanks guys, for reading and listening to the interview.  Be sure to share this with someone special in your life telling them what a great story it was 😉



Matthew Ankerstein