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Bee Influenced is a weekly Business Podcast interviewing todays successful entrepreneurs, busniess experts, book authors, and social influencers. Matthew Ankerstein hosts the show with new podcast episodes released every Monday! Talking about their stories, what they have learned on their journeys to act as inpsiration for all the growth opportunities that are possible in ones' business and life. 

Whether you are just getting started, or have been operating a business for many years, Bee Influence will provide you with value that can help you start your new venture or grow your existing business. 

Bee Influenced is considered to be one of the top Business Podcasts by college / university students. 

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Podcast Guests 

Do you know some one who would make a good guest on the show? Is there some one in particular you would love to hear Matthew, interview for the weekly Business Podcast? If so, Matthew would love to know who. Email Matthew, and your suggestion maybe the next guest on the show! Make a suggestion by emailing him now

recent podcasts

Thank You for listening

A First 20 Episode Thank You Recap

Every week we bring you a successful entrepreneur, business expert, and social influencer to discuss their stories. We discuss their…
Hamilton Perkins

Hamilton Perkins – One Bottle at a Time

As I write this blog post, I am drinking a bottle of water. In fact, with the hot summer heat,…
Charles Marois Amazon FBA

Charles Marois Amazon FBA Seller

There is a precious moment in one's life when a side hustle starts producing more income than the regular 9-5…
Timotheories and I chat about the loss of innocence focused around creativity

The Loss of Innocence In the Edmonton Arts

Loss of Innocence When we are kids, we are incredibly creative.As we grow older, I believe we as humans lose…
John Sonmez from Simple Programmer Talks about Trusting The Process

Trust The Process w/ Simple Programmer

Before building Bee Influenced and the Weekly Business Podcast, I had a belief that in-order to create websites you had…
Brandon T. Adams guest of the Bee Influenced Episode 15

Brandon T. Adams Crowdfunding Expert

Brandon T. Adams The next guest on the Bee Influenced Podcast is Brandon T. Adams. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur,…
Build your business plan with the "Start Plan BEE " workbook

Start Plan BEE Workbook

Students Want to Start Businesses Students and colleagues always told me they wanted to start a business. They might have…
Cameron Dunbar from World Financial Group

World Financial Group Cameron Dunbar

Who is Cameron Dunbar? Cameron Dunbar is an entrepreneur/ Executive Marketing Director who works under the umbrella at World Financial…
Founder of Business Bootcamp Podcast Mike Andes Book

Business Bootcamp Podcast – Mike Andes

Who is Mike Andes? [caption id="attachment_879" align="alignleft" width="235"] Picture of Mike Andes[/caption] You have probably heard of the Business Bootcamp…
Building a restaurant franchise with Gavin Fedorak

Building a Restaurant Franchise w/ Gavin Fedorak

Typical Life for Some As we grow up, we learn lessons. We listen to what we are told, and we…
Ryan stops on the podcast to chat about developing mental toughness

Mental Toughness w/ Ryan Laniuk

Developing Mental Toughness Mentality Your mind set when starting a business is arguably one of the most important things. I…
Henok Kassaye talks about door to door sales in

Door to Door Sales W/ Henok Kasssaye

In this blog post, I will talk about a recent interview that I conducted on the Bee Influenced podcast, with…
Junior Achievement Keith Pudwill stops by to talk about their programs

Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Programs

Back in January, I recorded a podcast episode called “The Importance of Volunteering as an Entrepreneur”. In the episode I…
when life knocks you down

When life knocks you down -Get up

When life knocks you down One of my favorite motivational quotes of all time by Les Brown is: “When life…
This catalogue is beautifully designed. You can see the passion

A Passion for Life W/ Blaine Walberg

In Business You Need To Have Passion I have talked multiple of times how starting a business can be a…
Interview with Michael Finch Regarding network marketing

Network Marketing in 2017 w/ Michael Finch

Network Marketing w/Michael Finch In a recent podcast episode, I got the opportunity to interview a good friend of mine,…
Explore new opportunities but always have a sense of direction

You need to have a direction in business

Your business needs to have a direction Having a sense of direction in ones business and life is important When…
Volunteering at Calmar Pond Hockey

The Importance Of Volunteering As An Entrepreneur

I am a strong believer in the idea, that everyone should do some volunteering at one point of time in…
Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting A Social Media Marketing Agency

Mindset of Starting Your Own Business I've recently had the great fortune and privilege to invite an awesome friend of…
Write down smart goals

5 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Goals In 2017

New Year New You! Its a New Year, and that calls for a new you! Meaning it's time to establish…