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Bee Influenced is a weekly Business Podcast interviewing todays successful entrepreneurs, busniess experts, book authors, and social influencers. Matthew Ankerstein hosts the show with new podcast episodes released every Monday! Talking about their stories, what they have learned on their journeys to act as inpsiration for all the growth opportunities that are possible in ones' business and life. 

Whether you are just getting started, or have been operating a business for many years, Bee Influence will provide you with value that can help you start your new venture or grow your existing business. 

Bee Influenced is considered to be one of the top Business Podcasts by college / university students. 

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Podcast Guests 

Do you know someone who would make a good guest on the show? Is there someone in particular you would love to hear Matthew, interview for the weekly Business Podcast? If so, Matthew would love to know who. Email Matthew and your suggestion might be the next guest on the show! Make a suggestion by emailing him now

recent podcasts

Starting a business in college w/ NAIT Entrepreneur Carter Buchanan

Starting A Business in College w/ NAIT Student Carter Buchanan

There is often a debate whether or not college is worth attending. If you want to be an entrepreneur, there…
Dan Hein Property Administrator at Core Real Estate Group

Having Difficult Conversations w/ Dan Hein

.In episode 31, Dan Hein and I discussed why it's crucial for partners to have difficult conversations when starting a…
Matthew Ankerstein discusses what to consider when Setting Up A Podcast For Others To Use

Setting Up A Podcast For Others To Use

When you’re starting a podcast, it is a lot of work. You have to learn about different podcasting equipment, software,…
What Podcasts Should I listen to in 2018?

What Podcasts Should I listen to in 2018?

Deciding on what podcasts you should listen to is a challenge. It's tough because there are hundreds of thousands if…
goal setting for 2018 by reflecting on 2017.

Goal Setting For the New Year

Soon the New Year will be here, which means a fresh a new start for many of you. A New…
Should you join a podcast network?

Joining a Podcast Network – Should You Join

Do you have a podcast, and want to connect with other podcasters? Do you want to advertise your show, and…
Italian Centre Bakery Deli Grocery Bar

Italian Centre Teresa Spinelli On Family and Social Media

Teresa Spinelli Teresa is the President and Owner of the famous Edmonton supermarket, the Italian Centre. Teressa took over the…
Christos Shepherd talks about getting paid to ask questions on Campfire App

Getting Paid To Ask Questions on Campfire App

One thing I love doing the Bee Influenced Podcast is getting the opportunity to ask high-performance individuals questions. I get…
Entrepreneur Support w/ Shawn Keirle

Entrepreneur Support w/ Shawn Keirle

When first starting a business it can be extremely stressful. It can be even more stressful when you're working a…
Edmonton Photographe & NAIT Entrepreneur Darion Getzinger

Edmonton Photographer & Entrepreneur Darion Getzinger

Today marks the day for the final guest in our mini-series "Classroom to Boardroom". In the last interview of our…
NAIT Entrepreneur Raymond Saw

NAIT Entrepreneur Raymond Saw

We are in our second week of the miniseries called "Classroom to The Board Room." This mini-series features three former…
Justin Nand former NAIT Student Association President with Matthew Ankerstein

NAIT Student President Justin Nand

Today marks an extraordinary day in the Bee Influenced podcast. Today is special because for September we will be discussing…
Real Estate Investing w/ Rick Harris

Vault to Real Estate Success w/ Rick Harris

At Bee Influenced we like to feature different people from multiple industries. In today's podcast, we feature Rick Harris who…
Author of "The Purpose Roadmap" Mick Lolekonda

The Purpose Roadmap w/ Mick Lolekonda

Mick Lolekonda Mick is the founder of Real Life Mechanics which is a blog and YouTube Channel focused around the…
Thank You for listening

A First 20 Episode Thank You Recap

Every week we bring you a successful entrepreneur, business expert, and social influencer to discuss their stories. We discuss their…
Hamilton Perkins

Hamilton Perkins – One Bottle at a Time

As I write this blog post, I am drinking a bottle of water. In fact, with the hot summer heat,…
Charles Marois Amazon FBA

Charles Marois Amazon FBA Seller

There is a precious moment in one's life when a side hustle starts producing more income than the regular 9-5…
Tim Kuefler from Timotheories and I chat about the loss of innocence focused around creativity

The Loss of Innocence In the Edmonton Arts

Loss of Innocence When we are kids, we are incredibly creative.As we grow older, I believe we as humans lose…
John Sonmez from Simple Programmer Talks about Trusting The Process

Trust The Process w/ Simple Programmer

Before building Bee Influenced and the Weekly Business Podcast, I had a belief that in-order to create websites you had…
Brandon T. Adams guest of the Bee Influenced Episode 15

Brandon T. Adams Crowdfunding Expert

Brandon T. Adams The next guest on the Bee Influenced Podcast is Brandon T. Adams. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur,…