The Purpose Roadmap w/ Mick Lolekonda

Mick Lolekonda

Mick is the founder of Real Life Mechanics which is a blog and YouTube Channel focused around the area of creating alignment in one’s life. He is a spiritual guide and business coach helping others to discover their purpose and helping clients achieve their goals. Working alongside entrepreneurs, organizations and anyone who is looking to get more out of their lives. On his YouTube channel, he interviews people who have found their purpose and making a difference in a world in the way they see best.

This is not a new idea that has been discussed before on the podcast. In episode 10 we chatted with Ryan Laniuk from ‘Coach em to keep em’ who has worked alongside best-selling author Steve Siebold. Ryan Laniuk and I discussed the importance of discovering what you want in your business or life and create a plan of attack. Cameron Dunbar in episode 13 touched based on this concept as well emphasizing when being in aligned with your goals and your purpose; it helps motivate you to keep going when things go bad.

Author of "The Purpose Roadmap" Mick Lolekonda

A picture of Mick Lolekonda the author of “The Purpose Roadmap”

Mick’s Purpose

Since going on his purpose journey while in university and experiencing American culture, Mick realized he wanted to help other reach their goals. He was fascinated by successful individuals such as, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, people who have made massive accomplishments in their lifetime.

The Purpose Roadmap

Mick’s book talks about the discovery of one’s purpose and how one can expect to find their calling. Helping people at any stage in their life to discover a meaning. The book emphasizes spirituality and finding oneself through a spiritual means. Providing techniques such as reflection and focus for one to stay on track with their ultimate destiny. Diving into one’s self and understanding who we are and what we are naturally drawn to. The book emphasizes discovering our strengths and weaknesses and creating a vehicle for alignment.

3 Tips When Starting a Business

When asked the question regarding three tips when starting a business, Mick said.

1. Know your purpose.
2. Protect your time. You should focus on one core competency or one core purpose itself.
3. When starting a business, don’t concentrate on the product or service concentrate on the experience. If you can focus on the experience, your product or service delivers to the customers you will have more success.

Contact Mick

If you want to get ahold of Mick, you can contact him through his blog at Real Life Mechanics. You can discover about his new book “The Purpose Roadmap” available through there as well.