Starting A Social Media Marketing Agency

Mindset of Starting Your Own Business

I’ve recently had the great fortune and privilege to invite an awesome friend of mine onto the podcast. He runs a social media marketing agency here in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) and I got him to come onto the Bee Influenced Podcast to talk about his entrepreneurial journey.

Nicholas Malcolm joined me on the podcast, where we talked about his journey from playing video games in his parents garage in 2012, to discovering he needed to start making some changes.

He transitioned from being a video game addict to eventually starting his own social media marketing agency, while building a business in SCHOOL.

Nicholas grew up in Sacramento California, and felt he was in rut in his life; wasting his life, sitting and playing video games in his parent’s garage. He started to become upset with the direction his life was going and decided he needed to make a change.

That change was an improvement on his health.

Health Changes

As he started to make changes and become more routine by going to the gym, he realized the effects it was having on his body. As a result, he gained autonomy in his life, which encouraged him to start making other changes and improvements.

Where did it take him…..?

He started working at many jobs before launching his business, such as at a golf course, and a movie theatre. The one thing Nich learned from those experiences was the importance of developing a work ethic. That work ethic shows through more today than before, as he continues to run a business and be a full time student.

Starting a small self-development business, helping guys become more confident with girls.  One of his big successes with his journey is his impact on one client’s life in particular. Nich helped a man transition from being afraid to approach girls or even ask for their phone number, to becoming a man; that for the past 2 years has been in a pleasant relationship.

As he felt the dating business was a little too time consuming, he did a little research on what he do afterwards.

Next, he launched Vice Media Social;  a social media agency that helps small businesses manage their social media accounts and email marketing.

Building a social media marketing agency

Having 4 clients while going to school, time would seem to be in short supply for Nich, but he uses time management skills, skills he built earlier in his career, to better manage himself.

As a way to strategize and go about the day Nich suggests, “You need to think of the two most important things that need to get done to make it feel like a productive day. That’s a good way to go about it.”

With all the great success Nich has been having, he came onto the podcast to share and inspire you! The hope is you can take some of his journey thus far and be able to apply it to your own life.

Contact Nicholas

Enjoy the podcast, and if you have any questions, concerns, or want to get in contact with Nich, you can do so through his Facebook and Twitter account. Facebook page HERE. Twitter page HERE

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