Start Plan BEE Workbook

Students Want to Start Businesses

Students and colleagues always told me they wanted to start a business. They might have had an idea of a product or service and I always encouraged individuals to push forward with their entrepreneurial hobby and discover if there was an opportunity for them.

Having an idea for a product or service is a great thing!

Idea generation is the first step in building any business.

Business Planning Coffee Meetings

After getting the opportunity to meet some of Edmonton’s most successful business owners and entrepreneurs, I have come to realize something very important in all their successes.

Successful entrepreneurs build business plans.

Successful entrepreneurs have an idea, build a plan around the idea and then execute. They develop a direction for their business, determine the route they will take, determine who will be in involved. Establishing a plan for your business is important and integral to your success.

Start Plan BEE Workbook

While getting my business degree, I took a class called Entrepreneurship & New Venture. In the class, we examined, what made entrepreneurs successful, characteristics of entrepreneurs, the lean based startup approach, different stages of the organizational life cycle, and much more. It was one of my favorite classes to take alongside some marketing classes!

The business model canvas compartmentalizes the different elements of a business model. Examining the value you deliver to your customers, who the key partnerships are, what the key resources needed to operate, customer segmentation and much more!

I have created the Start Plan BEE workbook that guides you through the business model canvas. The workbook examines a value proposition all the different elements found in the business model canvas. This guide educates you on all the different components, along with providing examples to better understand a business model canvas. The workbook provides you with space for you to write down ideas and components of your start brainstorming out your ideas for your business.

I have made the workbook FREE.

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