What I Learned From Tim Kuefler- Timotheories

Back in 2017, I did a podcast with Tim Kuefler, who is the host of a YouTube channel called Timotheories. In that podcast, Tim and I discussed the loss of innocence we go through becoming an adult. As kids, we build cities out of Legos and pretend to be a professional hockey player in our basements. As we grow older, we lose that sense of creativity compared to when we were little. If there is one thing, we like to do as kids, is we like to go all in on everything we do. We build the most prominent cities; we make the biggest jumps, we yell and scream when we score that game-winning goal.

You see, as kids, we invest in our selves from day one. We don’t let society tell us we can’t do something, but instead, find more reasons to excel in what we want. That same lesson is what I learned working with Tim from Timotheories when I guest appeared on his show. We decided to do a guest appearance on each other’s show, and you can check out when he appeared on The Bee Influenced Podcast HERE.

Why Invest In Yourself

Tim has been producing YouTube videos since November 2014, and when I came by his studio to work with him, I was genuinely impressed with his setup. Though he might only have 110 subscribers on his YouTube channel, the level of dedication and investment he has made in creating videos for you is incredible.

Some YouTubers are afraid to invest in a proper camera and audio equipment to produce a high-quality show. Tim on the other hand see’s it as an investment. It’s an investment in a vision that you want to create. I would agree that you don’t have to spend astronomical amounts of money to produce a decent video. However, if everybody else is delivering content at 1080P HD quality and you can only record at 144P, you’re going to have difficulty building your vision.

When you spend more money on your set-up, you will feel more inclined to take yourself seriously. The reason is you are taking yourself more seriously.

Think of someone who is trying to lose weight. The person who is trying to build a habit of going to the gym but never purchases a membership is unlikely to continuing showing up even after attending a few sessions. In comparison to someone who has the same goal and buys a membership. The person who makes the financial commitment becomes more likely to achieve that goal.

Tim Keufler’s setup demonstrates he is committed to making that vision of his a reality.

The Lesson Learned from Tim Kuefler

I think the biggest lesson I learned from Tim Kuefler is that everybody wants to have the 100,000 subscribers. Everybody wants to make money on YouTube. Everybody wants this to be their life, but very few people are putting in the work let along make the financial commitment.

You can’t have the audacity to build the life of your dreams but yet be afraid to make an investment in a camera or make other sacrifices along the way.

One of my favorite quotes of all times depicts this. It say’s “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Go follow Timotheories on YouTube and check out some of his videos. You can discover a preview of the interview we did together down below. The full video will come available in February, and I will share it once it’s live.

You can also check out the full interview here: