Trust The Process w/ Simple Programmer

Before building Bee Influenced and the Weekly Business Podcast, I had a belief that in-order to create websites you had to know how to code. I started attending coding meetups focused around Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and many more programming languages. I did not understand half the information talked about at these MeetUp events due to my lack of knowledge in coding. Shortly after I discovered about WordPress and made my life simpler.

The next guest on the podcast is famous for making programming simple.

John Sonmez

John was a software developer for 15 years and is most famous for his blog Simple Programmer. After being a developer for 15 years, he went on to create online training courses in software development with a company called Plural Sight producing 55 courses.

John Sonmez from Simple Programmer Talks about Trusting The Process

Headshot of John Sonmez from Simple Prgrammer

With the money he made with the online courses along with being a developer, John was able to invest his money in real estate and retired from his day job at age 33.

John Sonmez has a book for sale available on Amazon called “Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual.” The book takes a holistic approach focusing on productivity, careers, branding yourself, marketing yourself, fitness, finance, mindset, how the stock market works, and a collection of ideas that people find complicated and simplifying them.

Finally, he also has a new book called “The Complete Software Developers Career Guide” which launches on July 19. In this book, John focuses more on the career of a software developer, discussing topics such as, how to get a raise, dealing with co-workers, creating a resume and everything related helping a software developer become successful in their career.

Simple Programmer

When first starting out the blog, John Sonmez focused on making software development, simple and easy to understand. Today, Simple Programmer is more than just a blog but focused on helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals, unlock the potential and design a life of their dreams. Creating a message around life philosophies helping make some of the challenges with life simple.

Trust The Process

The key theme John and I discuss throughout this episode is the idea of trusting the process. John has made YouTube videos regarding this idea before, but essentially what it means is removing the process from the result. When you undertake an adventure, even though it doesn’t look like your making any progress, you keep going. The idea is always to be committed and consistent even though it doesn’t seem like any progress is happening and as a result, you will have success.

John Sonmez gave an example relating to his blog when he first started. When he first started, it took a long time to get traction with Simple Programmer. It wasn’t until the second year of being consistent posting three blog posts a week that John started seeing some major results.

3 Tips When Starting a Business.

With every guest who comes onto the podcast, I always ask the same question, but this time with a little twist. I asked, “If you had to give some one three tips when starting a blogging business, what would you tell them?” I knew what ever John would say, would be simple but incredibly impactful.

1. “Niche down as far as you can. Niche down because picking some topic if you are blogging that you can be the #1 expert in the world. Make sure you can be number one, and niche down super far.

2. Be as prolific as possible. [It is a ] strategy that always succeeds, it’s tough to defeat. It’s one of the hardest things to defeat. If you are willing to write enough blog posts, for long enough, you’re going to be successful.

3. Consistency and commitment. It’s a long haul, and it is like running a marathon, you got to be willing to outlast everyone else…. 90% of your competition is in the first six months, people who can stick with some thing for six months then it drops off dramatically.”

Contact John Sonmez

If you want to ask John Sonmez any questions regarding Simple Programmer, Pluralsight courses, his books or anything you can message him on his YouTube channel as he likes to answer people’s questions in his videos!

Listen to the podcast and hear John’s full story!