Vault to Real Estate Success w/ Rick Harris

At Bee Influenced we like to feature different people from multiple industries. In today’s podcast, we feature Rick Harris who works in Real Estate Investment.

Rick Harris

Rick is a real estate investor and acts as a consultant. He is also a writer for Real Estate Investment Network and is currently working with clients to help purchase property in the Canmore and Edmonton Alberta regions. Rick Harris is currently working with an editor to bring his book to market called “Vault To Invest Real Estate Success.” Finally, by September 25th, Rick will be launching a podcast dealing with real estate investment.

Real Estate Investing w/ Rick Harris

Rick Harris

4 Door Strategy

In Canada, only 4% of Canadians own investment real estate. According to Rick out of that 4%, less than half own more than three doors. Rick’s strategy is simple. Rick believes if you can own four doors, and have them paid off. The income that those four doors generate is substantial and can assist people later on in life. The great thing is if the properties are paid off and generating income, at any time you can decide to liquidate and receive your equity back or use them as leverage in purchasing the next deal.

How to Determine which Real Estate Deal is Right for you?

When ever you are assessing deals always do a financial analysis examining, what kind of revenue will the deal generate, what the cost of acquisition is, what will all the expenses be, and finally placing a contingency in the finances in case the property is vacant. Rick says to “not fudge the numbers” because numbers don’t lie. When Rick’s website goes live, he will have a tool that allows you to make an income statement for assessing deals.

When examining the revenue the property might earn, a good tool is pad mapper. Pad mapper allows you to review what the rents prices are in particular areas. Another favorite tool to use is RentFaster’s map feature. Rentfaster allows you to create a precise targetted search based on property type, amount of bedrooms & bathrooms, etc.

For more information regarding how to assess deals listen to the full podcast

Podcast & Book

Rick’s book and podcast is his way of paying it forward helping teach others how real estate investing has been good to him and his family. Rick explains how real estate investing can build a strong financial foundation, unlock sustainable wealth, and create a living legacy.

On the upcoming podcast, Rick will be bringing on other real estate investors talking about their stories and their strategies. While also talking with other professionals one might want to consult with when purchasing properties such as realtors, brokers, accountants, lawyers, investors, etc.

Three Tips When Starting a Business

With every guest coming on the podcast we always like to ask the question, “If you were to give some one three tips when starting a business, what would you say?” Rick answered:

1. Challenge yourself every single day. Fuel every day by taking action and start by starting. The biggest thing is to learn by doing.
2. Know your base. Then do something every day to get you to your goal.
3. Get around like minded individuals

Great advice by Rick as it was very similar to what Gavin Fedorak from Love Pizza & Press’d discussed

Contact Rick Harris

If you have any questions for Rick regarding Real Estate Investing, you can reach him through email at, or you can message him through Linkedin.┬áCheck out Rick Harris’s blog and podcast. Check out Rick’s coaching available through REIN Canada or his condominium property in Canmore .