What Podcasts Should I listen to in 2018?

Deciding on what podcasts you should listen to is a challenge. It’s tough because there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of podcasts available on the market. Deciding which podcast to listen to comes down to multiple of factors. Is the podcast entertaining? Are you receiving value listening to the show? Do you like the podcaster? Do you like the guests that come onto the show? Is the audio quality excellent? Can you understand what the podcaster is saying? All of these little details go into the user’s experience and ultimately help decide if the listener will continue with the show.

To discover what podcast you should listen to, we first must ask. “What Do you Like Listening to?”

Podcast Genres

iTunes does an incredible job breaking down all the genres available through the iTunes store. The iTunes store will have a specific genre and then break down the genre into multiple categories to help you identify the appropriate show.

The genres available range from arts, business, comedy, education, music, politics, technology, sports, news, games, etc. In each one of these genres we can find podcasts that lie within a specific category. Within the business genre, we have podcasts dealing with business news, careers, investing, marketing, etc. You can then go through the New& Noteworthy, What’s Hot sections of iTunes, test a couple of podcasts out and see if they are right for you!

This still provides a fairly broad search when looking for a specific podcast to listen to.

Search KeyWords For A Specific iTunes Podcast

A significant feature of iTunes is the search functionality. The search functionality can help you find a specific topic to listen to.

For example, if I want to listen to a podcast regarding online marketing and specifically search engine optimization (SEO). I can use the search bar, type in what I want, and find multiple of podcasts regarding SEO.

A simple Google search also may help you with your search endeavors.

Now that you know what genres of podcasts and subjects are available, what podcast should you listen to?

Below are my top 5 business podcasts to listen to including my own.

Top 5 – Business Podcasts To Listen To

If you are looking for different podcasts to listen to in 2018 I would highly encourage you to check out the following.

1. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Listen to Gary V Audio Experience

Gary V Audio Experience Podcast Cover

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my favorite social influencers that produces a massive amount of content at scale! I first found out about him in 2016 with his podcast “AskGaryVee” and have been following him ever since! The GaryVee Audio Experience is a mixture of audios from his speaking events, AskGaryVee Show, random rants he goes on and much more! This podcast is fantastic for anybody who is looking to become an entrepreneur and needs help with some of the mentality around being one.

2. The MFCEO Project-


Andy Frisella cuts the bullshit of what it takes to build an actual business. He breaks down a lot of the challenges and limiting beliefs society, and entrepreneurs might have when creating a business. Telling it how it is as there are no shortcuts in life. I highly recommend everybody to listen to this podcast, and if you don’t have the time, follow Andy Frisella on Instagram. He posts a lot of clips from him recording his show, and each post has a specific inspirational message.


3. The School of Greatness-

Listen to Lewis Howes and the School of Greatness Podcast in 2018

Lewis Howes

Every week Lewis Howes brings on somebody who has achieved Greatness in their life. This podcast features the stories of famous sports athletes, actors, social media influencers, motivational speakers, book authors, and much more! I love the variety of stories that Lewis brings to the podcast as it’s inspirational regarding the transformations and lessons people learn along the way. It’s incredibly powerful because you can take these lessons and apply them to your own life!

4. Entrepreneur on Fire- 

You should listen to John Lee Dumas (JLD) from Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas and Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas runs a seven day a week podcast featuring the break-through moments, and challenges entrepreneurs go through. This podcast features the journey of entrepreneurs from multiple industries and stories from all around the world! This podcast is for the entrepreneur who is looking for the breakthrough in their business.

5. Smart Passive Income- 

The Smart Passive Income iTunes Cover

Pat Flynn focuses on teaching people how to build an “ethically” fueled business online. Since the birth of the internet, people have been trying to find internet hacks that will make them millions! Pat Flynn focuses on teaching people the process and hard work about building a business online. Giving you resources and strategies to help grow your business online. If you are an online entrepreneur, I highly recommend checking out the Smart Passive Income Podcast! Pat Flynn also has another should that I would encourage you to check out called AskPat.


The Bee Influenced Podcast


If you are interested in learning more about business, you can check out my podcast called “Bee Influenced.” The first 28 episodes are focused around talking with successful entrepreneurs, business experts, and social influencers. We have featured the stories of YouTube sensation John Sonmez from Simple Programmer, Crowdfunding Expert- Brandon T. Adams, Greece Airline Founder Christos Shepherd and much more!

Discussing a wide range of topic from Email Marketing, Podcasting, Search Engine Optimization, and Influencer Marketing! Learn how to grow your businesses online presence and listen to the stories of entrepreneurs who have learned valuable life lessons along the way.

Subscribe to the podcast today!

What Do You Want To Listen To?

Are you passionate about art, marketing, investing, movies, cosmetics, sports, technology, video gaming, etc.? Leave a comment below, telling me who is your favorite podcaster and what their show is about!

Happy Listening!