Why Podcasting is Important – A Message Shared

Do you have a message to share? Are you trying to share your message on social media, but find it’s nearly impossible to be heard. The reason why podcasting is important is because it helps share your message more efficiently than conventional blog format.

Your Voice Matters

Speaking your voice has never been as important as it is today. More than ever, we find that people are speaking over others and not letting others have their voice in this world. We are always blaming others for our wrongdoings. Blaming others, where they have never done anything wrong. Placing judgments on others and never understanding the ‘why.’

Today more than ever your voice matters. Podcasting is essential because it gives you a place and multiple platforms to express your voice. You can create a show on a topic or “niche” and express your thoughts on the matters at hand. You can create a show around online marketing, and talk about why Facebook is a better PPC platform compared to Google. Or you can create a podcast around SEO and how to rank organically for specific keywords. Talk about the current political climate, and what your thoughts are on specific ‘issues.’

Whatever the case is, you have a voice for a reason, and it’s essential for you to use it. If you want to be heard, you have to be willing to speak up for what you think is right.

Optimize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to help get your message out there. After you create a podcast episode of something you are passionate about, promote it using social media.

Make a post on Facebook or Twitter stating “There has been a lot of talk about this topic of late… I have recently created a podcast expressing my thoughts and concerns about this topic, and you can find it at URL…”

See how easy that is.

All of the top 5 podcasters I listen to, do a remarkable job of marketing their shows on social media. You can check out that list of top 5 here.

Your Voice is Powerful

Something interesting happens to the human brain when we hear someone speaking. Even better yet, when we see and hear someone talking. Voice has incredible power over our emotions. The best way to demonstrate this is by comparing bloggers to podcasters.

It’s hard for many bloggers to come across and create a moving message. The difference between a good blogger versus someone who is excellent and world renown is the professional get’s the readers’ emotions involved. However, when you speak to someone about something you care about, you control more variables in the conversation.

A Podcaster Can

You can pause in sentences, speak up or lower your voice. You can look to and from the audience. If you start to crack up and cry, it will show in your voice. You can build emotional expense and take your listeners on a “roller coaster” if you will.

Voice can carry and create emotion within your audience. Think of famous speeches that changed the world like Martin Luther King “I have a Dream Speech.” 

This is why podcasting is important and influential. It allows you to share a message and be persuasive in the process. It will enable your listeners to feel moved and want to follow you. This ultimately is what makes a good podcaster. When you listen to my top 5 podcasters, you will learn that all these individuals do this incredibly well.

What is your message you want to share with the world? Are you sharing your message through podcast or blog format? Leave a comment below of how you want to change the world.