Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn Another Language

The world is becoming more and more competitive. If you aren’t improving yourself you are probably getting left behind.

Every single day millions of people apply to jobs in which they hope to get.

Whether you are a student, a 40 year old business executive or the 60 year old individual, the world is becoming more and more competitive and the importance of differentiation couldn’t be any higher.

If you are a student reading this, I want you to realize just because you have a degree or masters it does not mean you deserve $100k a year starting.

Understand that your willingness to pursue post-secondary education is great, but how you differentiate yourself from your fellow colleagues is important.

There are a ton of ways you can differentiate yourself:

  • Become more active
  • Networking with higher level influentials.
  • Learn a new skill such as computer programming.
  • Volunteer your time to a community or a non-profit organization

There a ton of other examples I could list, but what I believe arguably could be the greatest additional skill to learn is how to speak and read another language.

There always comes a time in a job interview when the interviewer asks the following question:

“Tell me, why should we hire you?”

If you are a person who continuously improves their skills and constantly equips themselves with new skills, this question should be like Christmas to your ears. I believe this can be a turning point for an interview and be the determining factor whether or not the company will hire you.

Why should you learn an additional language?

  1. It improves your first language – Your sentence structure, the tone of your voice, everything will change when you can speak more than one language. A lot of this is because when you build additional skills that are tangible, that you can see progress in like working out, it helps build confidence in yourself. By having more confidence and gaining an understanding of other languages, you will learn how to speak your first language with better grammar and punctuality
  2. Globalization- The world is becoming more interconnected through technology and the powers of social media. Businesses have to respond by not only thinking locally, but also in a global manner. Due to technology, it has become much easier for your business to scale and get customers from all over the world. Therefore, if a company plans on selling products or services into a market where English is not their first language, having an individual who can speak that foreign dialect becomes more valuable for that company.

How learning another language benefits you

For entrepreneurs, having another language under their belt is incredibly helpful for aid of globalization. As an entrepreneur if you can not communicate effectively, it becomes incredible difficult to run and operate your business. Language at times can be that barrier.

Therefore if you can learn another language, French, Spanish, German etc. You as an entrepreneur put yourself in a position to better become successful.

When you learn an additional language, you will not only have more inner-self confidence, but will be able to understand the world better and communicate more effectively.

One language I want to communicate in is Spanish.

Currently, I can only  do a very little of counting, and make small talk. However, I want to learn Spanish because it is in alignment of where I see myself in 10-20 years.

When I see Matthew in 10-20 years, I see him having an international presence in the markets. Therefore, by being able to speak more than one language, it better equips me to succeed in an international presence as compared to speaking only English.

Speaking Spanish, Russian, Manderine, etc. may help you land you a job, and is by far one of the best ways to separate yourself from everyone else. It also helps you become more successful when starting your own businesses aiding your ability to communicate in a global presence.

I am curios to know about you.

What languages can you speak? Can you only speak english, spanish, german etc? How many languages can you speak? How fluent are you in these other language? What other ways do you differentiate yourself from the competition? I would love to know! Leave a comment in the comments section below, or get in contact with me on social media to stir up a conversation.

Best regards,