World Financial Group Cameron Dunbar

Who is Cameron Dunbar?


Cameron Dunbar is an entrepreneur/ Executive Marketing Director who works under the umbrella at World Financial Group (WFG) which provides financial services to families in the form of cash management, insurance, and estate preservation services and much more.

Cameron started at WFG when he was 18 years old coming out of high school with a determination and attitude that propelled to desire freedom. After being in the businesses for over 12 plus years, he has had to wear multiple different hats as an entrepreneur.

In the podcast, we talk about having proper training and development programs in place for your employees. Ensuring that training and development is going to build future leaders that can grow with your organization, and how you properly motivate these leaders. Finally, we talk about how to take yourself as a low-performance representative to a high-performance by focusing on multiple different aspects of your business

3 Tips When Starting Your Journey

When first getting started, it can be a very daunting and difficult task. Cameron shared three tips for people when looking to starting their entrepreneurship journey

  1. “Grow. You have to be a sponge with respects to information. Great books. When you’re a new entrepreneur, a young entrepreneur, it doesn’t really matter, but in particular, if you’re younger, read, read, read… If you’re not a good reader, audiobooks, podcasts etc.
  2. Get clear on the vision. [If we jump in a car to go someplace but have no map, we will never arrive at our destination.] Have clarity of what the end is.Ryan Laniuk also provided a very similar tip for entrepreneurs CLICK HERE
  3. ¬†Embrace the suck. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be fun. You can’t be an entrepreneur and expect for things to work for you, and it will be easy… You have to embrace the suck, the suck is a part of it.”

Inspiration by Chris Gardner

Cameron told a story about one of the first conferences he attended with WFG where the keynote speaker was Chris Gardner. In case you don’t know, Chris Gardner was the individual who the movie The Pursuit of Happiness was based on played by Will Smith.

(Personally, it is one of my favorite films of all time)

At the conference, Cameron relayed a story that Gardner lived while he was building out his brokerage where he had a client that was telling racially offensive jokes whenever on the two spoke on the phone. Now of course when you talk with someone over the phone you can not see the other individual, and having excellent phone skills is necessary for success. Whenever this client called and told these jokes Gardener just laughed.

After doing business with this client for 8 years, Gardner had the opportunity to meet the client. The client shows up to the office to see Chris and he doesn’t believe it’s him until Chris started talking.


How inspirational.

It really demonstrates the importance of having a strong self-concept. No matter what the circumstances are, it demonstrates that you can accomplish whatever it is you desire. Even if people are judgmental to you, or more importantly what you allow to become true for yourself. Ensuring that you don’t let those judgments become reality.

Contact Cameron

If you wish to contact Cameron at World Financial Group, you can do so through email at You can always reach out at phone (780)-710-1307.

Listen to the podcast to hear the full story of Cameron Dunbar!