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31 episodes later on Bee Influenced and we are still growing. A significant amount of the guests who have been on the podcast over the past year reside in Edmonton (YEG). One might argue that Bee Influenced has been an Edmonton Entrepreneurship based podcast this whole time. However, that’s not necessarily the case. We featured not only the YEG Entrepreneur but people all around the world.

YEG Entrepreneurs

In episode 2 of the Bee Influenced podcast, we introduced our first Bee Hustler. Nicholas Malcolm was a Grant MacEwan student, who was running a Social Media Marketing business. Helping small to medium size businesses with their social media management. Today he has incorporated website design and management into his portfolio. This episode was a pinnacle and set the expectations for Bee Influenced.

In episode 6 we featured YEG Entrepreneur Blaine Walberg who runs a company called TouchPoint Promotions. TouchPoint Promotions is a brand management company that works with business owners to help provide promotional products for their companies. Producing and marketing hats, pens, coffee mugs, anything you can think of they customize it to your business.

In episode 8 we had a special podcast featuring Keith Pudwill who is the Director of Programs at Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta and North West Territories. Keith has been putting programs around junior high and high schools around the country. Keith Pudwill might not be a YEG Entrepreneur, but he has helped teach and encourage entrepreneurship in the classrooms for years.

These were the first guests who we had come onto the podcast and shared their stories of inspiration to anyone who was looking to excel in business.

Sometimes we don’t hear about the people who have done extraordinary things in our city in the business community.

A YEG Entrepreneur and Mental Toughness

In episode 10 we had a special guest come on the podcast. A lot of people don’t know that Ryan Laniuk is a YEG Entrepreneur has worked with the best of the best. For a large part of his career, Ryan worked alongside best selling author Steve Siebold. Ryan and Steve worked together putting on conferences and coaching programs around the world, helping people develop mental toughness!

It’s funny how sometimes extra-ordinary people slip through the cracks of the YEG Entrepreneurship crowd.

It didn’t stop there….

In episode 11 we featured YEG Entrepreneur, Gavin Fedorak who was one of the founders of Canadian Sandwich Shop company Press’d. Gavin has moved on from Press’d and today is the owner of Edmonton’s favorite pizza restaurant Love Pizza. With locations in both downtown Edmonton and St. Albert, Love Pizza is a major hit for anyone who is looking for a casual dining experience.

Personally, it’s my favorite pizza restaurant in YEG.

Then there was a particular time in Bee Influenced’s history where we went worldwide.

YEG Entrepreneurs to Shark Tank

It’s crazy to think back to the amazing guests we had on the show in the first 20 episodes.

In episode 12, we had prodigy Mike Andes from the Business Bootcamp podcast. Mike is the founder of Augusta Lawn Care services and had an extraordinary story of transitioning from wanting to become a doctor to a full-time entrepreneur.

Episode 15 we featured Brandon T. Adams. Brandon is an entrepreneur and crowdfunding expert working with some household names in the crowdfunding space. He has worked with John Lee Dumas from the hit podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire and Keven Harrington from Shark Tank.

Episode 16 featured YouTube sensation John Sonmez. John is the man behind the brand Simple Programmer. It is a brand dedicated to helping software developers build soft skills in their careers. John’s YouTube channel has over 140, 000 subscribers.

We continued to feature other successful entrepreneurs all around the globe including episode 19’s Hamilton Perkins and episode 28 Chrisos Shepherd. In Hamilton’s episode, we talked about building self-confidence and believing in your abilities to accomplish your goals when building a business. This was a theme in episode 28 with Christos Shepherd where we talked about the current landscape of social media and how he started his own airline company in Greece! The major lesson we learned from Christos was the importance of building a team.

Building Teams as YEG Entrepreneurs

One of the significant lessons we learned through all the entrepreneurs we featured on the show, was no one can do it all on there own. It requires trust in one’s self but also your team members.
In episode 29 with Teresa Spinelli, we talked about the importance of investing in others and genuinely caring. As her quote “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses” – resonated with a lot of entrepreneurs from the city!

It wasn’t the first time we heard this. Cameron Dunbar from World Financial Group talked about the importance in investing in people, and properly training your team so not only you can obtain the results you desire, but also help others in the process. It’s about building a movement.

YEG Entrepreneurs are building a movement, that is an underground story.

YEG Entrepreneur Town

On Bee Influenced we featured four recent graduates from Northern Alberta Insitute of Technology. All of these individuals took the plunge into starting their own business either while in school or immediately after they graduated. We featured the stories of Dan Hein, Darion Getzinger, Raymond Saw, and Justin Nand to see how the school system impacted their ability to perform as an entrepreneur.

With over 23 interviews on the Bee Influenced podcast and 18 of them being Edmonton based individuals, it should know that YEg is the city for entrepreneurs. YEG is the city forĀ  younger individuals who work relentlessly to achieve their dreams.

That’s why I created this blog/podcast. To feature the stories and livelihoods of the every day Edmonton Entrepreneurs who decide to push the boundaries! The people that work 80-100 hours a week, that at times don’t receive the kind of recognition they deserve.

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